Tax Consulting in Russia

Tax Consulting in Russia

Russian tax law may seem obscure at first glance, but with experienced service providers and consultants, you will be successful in Russia despite the Russian bureaucracy and complicated tax regulations. Better inform yourself and choose the right partner for your business in Russia. Furthermore, doing business in Russia can be attractive from a tax standpoint also!

We develop an individual tax strategy and ensure that your taxes in Russia are calculated 100% legally, transparently and take into account all the advantages of the Russian tax system. We communicate closely with the Russian tax authorities.

Who is our service “Tax consulting in Russia” aimed at?

  • International corporations and medium-sized companies operating in Russia;
  • Russian companies orientated towards the international market;
  • Subsidiaries or branches of international companies located in Russia;
  • Companies that want to set up subsidiaries, branches, representative offices and operating facilities in Russia;
  • Foreign persons living in Russia with high income who would like to tax the whole or part of their income in Russia;
  • Russian citizens living abroad with high income who want to tax the whole or part of their income in Russia;

Brief introduction into tax system, taxes and rates in Russia

The basis of the Russian tax system is formed by the first and second parts of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. There the taxation principles, the tax procedure and all individual types of tax are fixed uniformly for the entire country. In addition, Russia has concluded respective double taxation agreements (DTA) with Germany, Austria, Switzerland and most of the other countries that play a significant role for Russian business.

The Russian tax system can be divided into the following three levels:

  • At the top, federal level, a uniform tax rate is applied across Russia. This applies, for example, to the sales tax.
  • The taxes of the second federal level are also determined centrally by the federal tax code, but can be determined by the regional municipalities. This type of tax includes, for example, profit or corporate income tax.
  • Taxes levied on a regional / local level are, for example, property and property taxes.

Overview of the main tax rates in Russia:

  • Income tax: 20%;
  • Sales tax / VAT: normal VAT rate: 20% (since 01.01.2019), reduced VAT rate 10%, individual goods and services, as well as exports (export from Russia and the Eurasian Customs Union) are exempt from Russian VAT. Small and Medium-sized companies have the option of exempting themselves from VAT within the framework of the “simplified tax system”;
  • Personal income tax: 13% (30% for non-residents) (As part of the program for "Highly Qualified (Foreign) Specialists", foreigners who stay in Russia for less than 183 days a year can earn their income in Russia. Income is taxed at this tax rate of 13% and is also exempt from all Russian social security contributions. A very attractive income tax rate worldwide.
  • Wealth tax: up to 2.2%;
  • Dividend tax: 13% (15% for non-residents) (with double taxation agreements possibly 5%);

We support our international clients in Russia:

  • Tax advice for company registration ;
  • Tax advice for due diligence;
  • Tax advice on mergers & acquisitions;
  • Elaboration of the tax accounting policy;
  • Tax optimization;
  • Tax deduction, calculation and reimbursement of the tax surpluses;
  • including judicial enforcement of claims against the Russian tax office and
  • sales tax planning for cross-border business transactions.

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What our clients say about us

Highly professional!

We have been working with Rufil Russia Consulting for many years. We value the professionalism of the RC consultants and that all our enquiries are dealt with immediately.

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Very good experience!

I can recommend Rufil Russia Consulting based on very good experience with their services. Highly professional. Always reliable.

Miroslav Cernac/ General Manager Eastern Europe


Great experience!

I recommend Rufil Russia Consulting to all companies that export to Russia or have a business there. We were very satisfied with the working results of the Moscow team.

Dirk Uhlemann/ CFO

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