Legal, Tax and Accounting Services for International Companies in Russia

Russia offers a multitude of business opportunities, but also harbours some risks.
Regardless which issue concerns you, we are happy to assist you with any challenges you may face in Russia.

Legal & Corporate Services

Our Moscow team consists of tax experts, lawyers, business consultants, accountants, auditors and experts for international finance reporting (IFRS, Russian GAAP, German GAAP, US GAAP). We support international companies operating in Russia.

We offer the following services in the areas of Legal Advice & Corporate Services:

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The Russian tax law may seem obscure at first glance, but with experienced service providers and consultants, you will be successful in Russia despite the Russian bureaucracy and complicated tax laws.

Our Tax Experts, Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers and Business Consultants support international companies and business executives in all tax and legal matters in Russia.

In the area of Taxes we offer the following services:

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Accounting in Russia is one of the most popular and successful service packages in our portfolio. What does “Accounting Outsourcing in Russia” mean? And what advantages can this service package bring to your business in Russia? Since the accounting tasks in Russia are often substantially different from those in other countries, it can easily lead to accounting errors due to a lack of expertise. Under certain circumstances, managing directors and chief accountants can be held personally liable for accounting errors. Therefore, outsourcing may be more secure.

In the area of Accounting Outsourcing we offer the following services:

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About us

Rufil Russia Consulting is a German-international business consultancy in Moscow. We advise and support international companies and investors in Russia. Our core competencies are legal, tax, corporate and accounting services.
In our Moscow office we employ tax experts, lawyers, business consultants, accountants, auditors and experts for International Finance Reporting (IFRS, Russian GAAP, German GAAP, US GAAP).

Our Vision

"We support international companies in Russia! With solutions in the fields of Legal, Tax and Accounting in Russia. We create a better quality of life for our customers, employees and investors!"

What Values Determine our Actions?

In our day-to-day operations, in our relationships with customers, colleagues and business partners, we adhere to the Rufil Russia Consulting corporate principles.

The adherence to these principles by all employees and executives of Rufil Russia Consulting is a promise to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Should you as our customer not be satisfied by our services or get the impression that we have fallen short of our promises, you can directly contact our Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Philipp Rowe.

Customer and service orientation

We help our customers in Russia. We think and act in a customer-oriented manner and give our best, to solve our client’s problems. Our attitude towards customers is always friendly and respectable.

Respect and Fairness

We always treat other people with respect and fairness. This applies to the treatment of our customers, colleagues, suppliers, applicants and all other business partners.

Teamwork and Partnership

We are cooperative, cordial and helpful to our colleagues. We help each other with work and support one another.

Responsibility and Honesty

We are solution-oriented, responsible and honest. If we make a mistake, we will admit this, apologise and correct it. We tell the truth.

Courtesy and Reliability

If we arrange appointments or make promises to our customers, colleagues and executives, we will adhere to them. Should we not be able to keep an appointment or promise, we will inform you as soon as possible.

“The satisfaction of our customers is my main priority”

– Philipp Rowe, CEO

Our Customers and Partners

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