Company Registration in Russia

Company Registration in Russia

The procedure of setting up and managing a company in Russia is not that simple and requires thorough preparation. Before starting with the registration of your company, you should know:

  • Why do you want to register the company in Russia.
  • What are the fiscal and legal effects of having a company in Russia are.
  • What the requirements before starting the registration process are and how can you fulfill them.
  • What the company’s monthly management requirements and options are. For example: Interim management, monthly accounting, monthly reporting, vat return etc.
  • And at the end, do you have to visit Russia to establish the company?

Our team of lawyers, tax advisers, and business consultants is here to give you comprehensive consultation and support. The process of setting up a limited liability company with us usually goes as follows:

  • We attempt to understand your goals, your goals, your plan and the main fiscal and legal effects of your venture;
  • Nominating the managing director and the chief accountant of your legal entity;
  • Checking the legal address of your legal entity;
  • Opening a corporate bank account and depositing the share capital;
  • Bringing you through the registration process:
  • Drafting the resolution for the establishment of the legal entity, articles of the association, the shareholders agreement, and the full legal documentation;
  • Registration of the legal entity at a notary and the Russian tax authorities;
  • Making the company’s stamp;
  • Issuing the list of shareholders;
  • Registration at the social insurance funds;

Our power of attorney (POA) services is included. With POA our lawyers can act on behalf of you. In particular cases the registration of a legal entity and the opening of a bank account is possible without the shareholder having to come to Russia. During the whole process we pay attention to the abidance by Russian tax, accounting, and labor laws. All our experts speak fluently English and Russian. We provide consultation in German as well.

We create customer value by making it easier, safer, and more transparent to you to establish and run your company in Russia. For more information on price and the costs of setting up and running a limited liability in Russia contact us, and we will be happy to provide a quote.

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FAQs about company registration in Russia

Can foreigners have companies in Russia?

Foreign investors are allowed to buy, found and own companies in Russia. The Russian commercial law permits foreign investors to hold up to 100% of a Russian legal entity. The participation of a Russian shareholder is not mandatory.

Our support starts with the consultation on the most suitable legal form, the legal and fiscal effects and covers the entire process of incorporation.

What is the minimum share capital for a limited liability company in Russia?

In Russia, the minimum share capital is set at RUB 10,000 (approx. EUR 145) and therefore significantly lower than in other countries.

What means OOO?

In Russia a limited liability company (Ltd od LLC) is called OOO. The triple O stands for Obshchestvo s Ogranichennoy Otvetstvennostyu (Общество с ограниченной ответственностью) which translates to “company with limited liability”. The OOO is the prevalent form for legal entities in Russia . Foreign investors and entrepreneurs also most commonly choose this type of corporation.

Is it possible to register a company in Russia without coming to Russia?

To set up a Russian company, at least one of the founders must appear before a Russian notary. A trip to Russia is necessary for this.

But we have a solution how you can get your company in Russia without having to come to Russia. You acquire a shelf company with the help of our experts. The owner does not need to travel to Russia for this. In times of travel restrictions, this is currently the best and fastest way to open a business in Russia.

Can a foreigner be the Managing Director of the Russian Company?

As a precondition for the registration in the Russian Commercial Register, the Russian law requires a general director to be nominated in advance.

This is where it can get tricky: If you intend to nominate a general director without a Russian citizenship, he will need a valid Russian work permit. However, the work permit can only be applied for, once the company has been founded.

In order to resolve this issue, you can temporarily appoint our lawyer as the Interim Manager for your OOO. Our lawyer with Russian citizenship thereby temporarily takes over the function of the General Director until the working permit has been obtained.

Where do I get the registration address when I have no office?

In order to set up a company in Russia, you need to have a legal address, where the head office will be registered. Russian authorities use this address for the communication with the company. To prevent any issues with the founding of your company, make sure that the legal address you use is of high quality.

What does the entry in the Russian Commercial Register mean?

The entry in the Russian Commercial Register is the decisive factor for the successful establishment of the OOO. Unlike in other countries, the conclusion of a shareholders’ agreement does not have legal implications. As a precondition for the registration in the Russian Commercial Register, the Russian commercial law requires a general director to be nominated in advance.

Do I need an Accountant for my Russian Limited?

Every company in Russia is obliged by to file and pay it’s taxes and to maintain accurate accounting records. Errors in the reports or significant delays in the filing of tax returns can lead to serious consequences such as fines or penalties, tax inefficiencies or even the freezing of the bank account. The Russian Chief Accountant carries the responsibility for the correct bookkeeping and the communication with the bureaucratic tax authorities.

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