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Russian Bank Accounts

A Russian bank account is essential in order to perform transactions in Russia. We help international companies in Russia with the opening and management of Russian business bank accounts. Normally, the opening of one or more Russian bank accounts is made in connection with the business formation. The management of the Russian bank accounts including online banking, is offered by us in combination with the Accounting Outsourcing.

Regarding Russian Bank Accounts, we perform the following services for our clients:

  • Opening of the Russian bank accounts in ruble and in all other common currencies (e.g. EUR, CHF, USD and further);
  • Installation of the online banking;
  • Management of the Russian bank accounts with the authority of the client;
  • Support in the unblocking of bank accounts which were blocked by the tax authorities;
  • Deliverance of important documents through our own courier service;
  • Consulting regarding ethical banking in Russia (e.g. interest-free banking, halal banking, Islamic banking);
  • Closing of the Russian bank accounts and
  • Further services that have to do with the Russian bank account.

What to do in case of a blocking of the bank account?

A functioning business bank account to execute or receive transactions is essential in Russia. If the business bank account is blocked, transfers to suppliers, employees or partners are no longer possible.

What can be the reasons for the blocking of a bank account?

  • the tax reports have not been handed in in time;
  • the tax liabilities have not been paid or have been paid too late;
  • the accreditation of the representative office has not been renewed in time;
  • the liquidity is too low to pay bills or
  • the bank account has been blocked by mistake.

Of course, the blocking of a bank account should be avoided under any circumstances. This is why we as a professional outsourcing and consulting company act especially careful. Our advice to avoid a blocking of a bank account:

  • authorize professional, well trained and experienced employees to supervise your business bank account only;
  • make sure that all mandatory documents and information for the creation of currency reports and deal passports are delivered to the bank on time;
  • make sure that all mandatory documents and information for the creation of currency reports and deal passports are delivered to the bank on time;
  • do not rely on the Russian post. Make sure that important documents are delivered by reliable and trustworthy couriers always.
  • always make sure that you do not run out of liquidity. It is recommended to maintain a safety buffer equivalent to three months of expenses;
  • take care of extending the accreditation of your representative office soon enough;
  • make sure to report a change in the data or the replacement of the general manager or other authorized persons to the bank immediately.

How can we help if your bank account in Russia has been blocked?

  • We find out why this bank account has been blocked. Therefore, we contact the bank, the tax authorities and if necessary other authorities as well.
  • We generate the reports and documents which are requested by the bank, the tax authorities or other authorities, to unfreeze your bank account as soon as possible.
  • We report to the owner of the bank account about every step taken.
  • We keep close contact to the bank and authorities until the bank account is unblocked again.
  • We advise you, if and how urgent transfers can be paid through other bank accounts or even in cash.
  • We advise and support you to avoid account blockings in the future.

How can you benefit from the supervision of your bank account by Rufil Russia Consulting?

  • As your contact person you get a qualified Russian accountant, who speaks English fluently.
  • Should your bank account unexpectedly be blocked, our experienced employees know how to unfreeze your account as soon as possible.
  • Furthermore you have access to our lawyers, tax consultants, IT experts and German consultants.
  • Additional security due to the application of antivirus and antispy software, regular training of our employees and further safety standards.
  • Our loyalty is always to our clients.
  • Complete control over your business in Russia.
  • Long-term thinking and long term client supplier relationships in Russia.
  • This way you can concentrate on your core business in Russia and earn more money that way

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Our quality promise:

“Your contact person will be a lawyer proficient in English, German, and Russian. Our staff participates in professional training, is permanently employed at Rufil Russia Consulting and based in our Moscow head offices. Don’t settle for less!”

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Highly professional!

We have been working with Rufil Russia Consulting for many years. We value the professionalism of the RC consultants and that all our enquiries are dealt with immediately.

Marlies Moretti/ Director Sales Emerging Markets & Direct Markets International Sales


Very good experience!

I can recommend Rufil Russia Consulting based on very good experience with their services. Highly professional. Always reliable.

Miroslav Cernac/ General Manager Eastern Europe


Great experience!

I recommend Rufil Russia Consulting to all companies that export to Russia or have a business there. We were very satisfied with the working results of the Moscow team.

Dirk Uhlemann/ CFO

Segment Behälter Bau GmbH

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