Audit in Russia

Audit in Russia

An internal audit of your branch in Russia gives you precise and comprehensible information on the actual financial, fiscal and legal situation as well as the associated risks. Furthermore, an internal audit in Russia can help to identify and prove irregularities or even negligent and deceitful actions of employees or management, or at best to avoid such things in advance.

Many of our clients ask us to support them in their internal audit regularly, to gain efficiency and effectiveness of the most important processes and assure a constantly growth of the entire company that way. Furthermore a regularly internal audit can be a positive signal for potential investors and donors.

Within our service “Internal Audit in Russia” we offer our clients the following performances:

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of internal control systems of the company, answering the questions:
  • How reliable are the information analysed and published by the company?
  • Have the laws been taken into account?
  • Have the internal guidelines been taken into account?
  • Evaluation of assets;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of departments and structures;
  • Review of the commercial and the fiscal accounting to display potential deficiencies and risks;
  • Review of management reporting;
  • Support during the internal audit of your subsidiary or representative office;
  • Review of the internal guidelines referring commercial and financial accounting;
  • Review of the internal guidelines to display inefficiencies in data traffic and document circulation;
  • Review of the internal accounting guidelines and other internal processes of the holding company regarding the compatibility with the Russian law system and adaption of those if necessary;
  • Support in stock takings of the company;
  • Elaboration of controlling systems and the adjustment of controlling processes according to those of the holding company while considering the Russian laws.

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Our internal audit quality promise::

“Your contact person will be a Russian auditor proficient in English. Our auditors participate in professional training, are permanently employed at Rufil Russia Consulting and based in our Moscow head offices. Don’t settle for less!”

What our clients say about us

Highly professional!

We have been working with Rufil Russia Consulting for many years. We value the professionalism of the RC consultants and that all our enquiries are dealt with immediately.

Marlies Moretti/ Director Sales Emerging Markets & Direct Markets International Sales


Very good experience!

I can recommend Rufil Russia Consulting based on very good experience with their services. Highly professional. Always reliable.

Miroslav Cernac/ General Manager Eastern Europe


Great experience!

I recommend Rufil Russia Consulting to all companies that export to Russia or have a business there. We were very satisfied with the working results of the Moscow team.

Dirk Uhlemann/ CFO

Segment Behälter Bau GmbH

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