Rep Office Registration in Russia

Through a representative office or a branch foreign companies can be represented in Russia without any Russian agent or subsidiary. A representative office of a foreign company is allowed to fulfill services and to represent the company’s interests. However, the representative office is not allowed to take part in any commercial dealings. A branch on the other side is allowed to participate in business and to create revenue for its parent company.

When it comes to commercial activity one has to keep in mind: Apart from a subsidiary a branch is not a legal entity and therefore also not liable on its own. Due to this, the parent company is taking over liability completely for the debts and all activities of the branch.

In order for the foreign company can start their business in Russia, the official registration of the branch or representative office at the Russian authorities is needed. One speaks here of accreditation. Due to the fact that this accreditation is limited in time, it has to be renewed after a certain period. Our Russo-German lawyer in trust supports international companies in the accreditation of your representative offices and branches.

Our Services “registration/accreditation of your representative office or branch in Russia” means:

  • Legal consulting of which legal entity to choose for your business in Russia;
  • Widespread legal and administrative support during the whole process of the registration and accreditation;
  • Extensive legal and administrative support during the whole process of the extension of the accreditation;
  • Further services like legal addressInterim Management, working permission, accounting and other.

How can you profit from our service “representative office or branch in Russia”?

  • You get a qualified lawyer as your direct contact person.
  • Furthermore you have access to our accountants, IT experts and German consultants.
  • All our employees adhere to our Rufil Consulting Corporate principles.
  • Our loyalty is always to our clients.
  • Complete control over your business in Russia.
  • Long term thinking and long term client supplier relationships in Russia.
  • This will allow you to concentrate on your business in Russia and earn more money that way.

Further reasons for the cooperation with Rufil Consulting in Russia

  • We are a quality, service and customer oriented company.
  • We are a German company and adhere to German values.
  • We have been working in Russia since 2007 (and plan to do so until at least 2099)
  • Through our services and performances we support international companies in Russia and generate that way a higher quality of life for our clients, employees and investors.
  • We have access to a well-functioning network of experts in several business areas in Russia.

Further services we offer our clients regarding a representative office or branch in Russia:

Highly qualified accountants, auditors, finance experts (IFRS, US-GAAP, HGB, Russian GAAP), tax consultants, experts and programmers for automation, accounting software and IT solutions as well as international management consultants work in our Moscow office. Our working languages are English, Russian and German.

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