Our Services in China

For our international clients we offer business consulting, tax consulting, legal consulting and business process outsourcing – meaning accounting outsourcing, financial reporting, controlling – and more services. Below you may find an overview of our services in China:

China offers great potential for foreign investors

The Chinese economy is growing at a fast pace and a market saturation is not in sight. The German-Chinese economic relations are at a historic high, and since 2016 China has risen to the top position of Germany’s trading partners with a bilateral trade volume of 169.9 billion euros. For the future, an even closer economic link between China, Germany and the EU is expected.

In a China engagement, a thorough preparation is essential and questions about the investment, the infrastructure, the products or services offered must be clarified in advance so that the right structure for the project may be found.

  • Do you want to buy products in China or do you want to sell your own products in the Chinese market?
  • Will your clients need a chinese invoice (so called fapiao)?
  • Do you want to build a production in China?
  • Are you planning to hire foreign or Chinese employees?
  • Are you looking for a chinese partner?
  • Are you planning to start your own business in China?
  • Would you like to buy a chinese company?
  • Or are you looking for a Chinese buyer for your own business?

We answer all those and other questions for our clients in Shanghai and throughout China.

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