Alena Vasileva joined Rufil Consulting in June 2021, as a Sales Manager. Her educational background is in International Business Administration, with specialization in Strategic Management and the Role of Big Data Analytics in the transformation of Sub Strategic Processes. Passionate about contemporary art and skiing, Alena is the right person to compliment and drive our Sales team and processes.

Q: Alena, you have moved from Germany back to Russia for work only or? How is your experience? How does working and living in Russia looks like? 

A: Honestly, work was not the main reason of my returning back home. It was a mix of missing my family, friends, hometown Moscow and for sure work. As a teenager I moved to Germany to study economics with plans to make my Master studies in Switzerland. I have never thought of moving back before once I came to visit my family and have noticed what changes have already happened in Russia. My first thought was: I want to come back!

Russia became very digital, sustainable, and innovative country, there are so many startups, young ambitious people, soooo many opportunities. The Russians live under the motto: “All or nothing”. It keeps very high concurrence but also makes you work hard, improve yourself and learn, learn, learn.

Q: What are biggest challenges of Sales Manager position?

A: To be the Sales Manager is a challenge by itself. In such city as Moscow, where people don’t have time, you must make them straightaway an offer they could not refuse. But to make such an offer, you should make a nice contact, feel the real needs of the customer, manage, and organize the communication with other experts. You also must be an expert in the services or products you sell!

Q: Where are your clients coming from mostly?

A: Earlier, we were a Europe oriented company. Now the world is changing. Arabic and Asian countries show the enormous development and sure keep Russia as an important strategic partner. We are an international company and are always ready to support customers from all over the world.

Q: How do you think would look the future of sales?

A: I would say sales process becomes more and more individual. For sure, the process of working with databases for communication and administrative tasks should be standardized to 100%, but the approach to every client- not. If we speak about the future of mass marketing or mass selling – we should think more about Big Data Analytics. Nowadays, it is the only way to create new products fast and efficiently. If we speak about Sales in Business Consulting it will stay an individual filigree work of finding the right solution in the ocean of solutions, based on communication and trust between company and consulting partner.

I suppose, sales as a process will be more integrated into marketing for creating communication, operating, and analyzing feedback.

Q: How important the sales process is for good organization of the company?

A: The sales process is very important for the company. In Sales department, as a final point in the business process chain, you can notice all mistakes of another departments, you have an opportunity to feel that something does not work right. Well organized Sales Process is also a good motivation for other departments to work on high-qualified product, that is wanted!

Q: What would you recommend to someone that wants to start with career in Sales?

A: I would recommend talk everywhere and learn to understand people. Find contact with people everywhere, during the shopping look and analyze why people buy particularly things, try to feel, and try to understand them, try to become so flexible as you can. And sure, find something you want to sell! If you are excited with the product, it will bring you fun to share it with customers!


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