1) Since November 25, 2020, new forms of applications for registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, for amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs, for the liquidation and termination of the activities of a legal entity and individual entrepreneur have become effective. These changes were made by the Order of the Federal Tax Service of 31.08.2020 No. ED-14/617. The changes mainly relate to the numbering and general rules, and the requirements for filling out forms.

In the new forms, it is now possible to reflect the information in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities:

– about the existence of a corporate agreement and its content;

– on the use of the standard charter of the LLC;

– on the joint or separate exercise of powers by the heads of a legal entity, when there are several of them;

– about the combination of different forms of reorganization;

– on the extension of the term of liquidation of the LLC.

There are also sections for specifying information about the e-mail address of the legal entity and the name of the legal entity in a foreign language.

The total number of applications submitted to the authorized Federal Tax Service for registration of legal entities, sole proprietors and amendments to the Charter  has decreased. Instead of 19 forms, there are now 12. The legislator either excluded the forms and pages (for example, a message of information about a legal entity registered before 2002, a statement on the termination of the activities of an affiliated legal entity, information on the formation of a liquidation commission and the appointment of a liquidator, etc.). or combined them (application for amendments to the constituent documents and application for amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, application and notification of the liquidation of a legal entity, etc.). In addition, the developers of the document combined some pages in the applications. So, since November 25, 2020, a single page for entering data on foreign and Russian founders has appeared (P11001 Sheet A).

The effectiveness of these changes is still difficult to assess, but the practice of using new forms has shown that there are some drawbacks that would be worth paying attention to.

2) Also, from 2020, you can create forms in the system of accounting and stock control:

“Р13014 Application for state registration of changes in constituent document or legal entities and (or) amendments to the data on legal entities”;

“Р24001 Statement of changes in information about the Individual Entrepreneurs contained in registry”;

“Р15016 Statement (notice) on liquidation of legal entities”;

“Р26001 Application for state registration of the termination of individual activities as entrepreneurs”.

This program operates by analogy with the program developed by the Federal Tax Service. In it, you can create the appropriate applications and, depending on the form, send the document via the Internet or print it out and submit it to the tax service on paper.

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