Real Estate and Investor’s Consulting in Germany, Russia and Montenegro

We consult Russian, German and international investors in the purchase of real estate, business shares and investment objects. Our primary focus points include:

  • Demand analysis and determination of requirements on the investor’s side;
  • Searching for suitable investment objects (long list);
  • Analysis and testing of investment objects;
  • Selection and presentation of suitable investment objects (short list);
  • Bringing the buyer, seller and real estate objects together;
  • Preparation and monitoring of the purchase, while respecting and balancing the interests of all the parties involved (dealmaker);
  • Proactive structuring of international investment transactions;
  • Comprehensive tax and legal advice in the target countries;
  • Professional, linguistic, intercultural and local expertise;
  • Provide transparency and overview for the investor and all stakeholders;
  • Accompanying services such as tax declarations, accounting services, balance sheet preparation, interim management, company set up, shelf company, preparation and audit of contracts, offshore structuring, know-your-customer procedures, background screening, business partner review, etc.;

Our main target countries for the purchase and sale of property, as well as company shares and other investment projects, are Russia, Germany and Montenegro.

Our headquarters is in Moscow, our contact offices in Berlin and Podgorica (Montenegro). From these locations, our German and Russian tax consultants, auditors, lawyers and real estate and investment brokers support private and institutional investors in the field of investments.

The aim is to provide the customer with the best possible search, review, consultancy and support, to choose the best investment opportunity and to complete the best deal.

Our investor advice is primarily aimed at the following target groups:

  • Private investors who purchase investment and investment property abroad;
  • Institutional investors such as investment funds, real estate funds and pension funds operating internationally;
  • Buyers of business shares;
  • Sellers of business shares;
  • Buyers of rental houses;
  • Professional real estate developers;
  • Financial and strategic investors;

Why does it make sense to use international advisory service for a property or company purchase?

  • Because in other countries other legal and tax rules apply for real estate and corporate buying.
  • Because you need lawyers, tax consultants and brokers, who are knowledgeable both in the countries and cultures.
  • Because you need specialists who work in at least with two languages (Russian, English, German and Serbian).
  • Because the knowledge and time needed to close a cross-border deal is higher than for a national one.
  • Because the business cultures prevailing in Germany, Russia, Montenegro and other countries differ in part considerably.
  • Because it is important to provide the greatest possible transparency and the best possible overview of its investment.

Our investor advice can be beneficial the customer in the following areas:

  • purchase of a rental house in Germany;
  • purchase of commercial property in Germany;
  • Development of property in Germany;
  • purchase of a company or business participation in Germany;
  • Investment in tourism property in Montenegro;
  • Tax optimization of cross-border sales of real estate and companies;

Our clients in the area of investment consultancy often ask for these services in our portfolio:

10 reasons to work with RUFIL CONSULTING

  • Quality: All our employees and consultants maintain a client, service and quality oriented approach.
  • Loyalty: Our loyalty is always to our clients.
  • Transparency: We ensure that our clients always maintain an overview of their Russian business.
  • German Work Ethic: The owners and directors of our company are German. In our work, we place great emphasis on German values.
  • Highly qualified staff: Professional Russian tax consultant, accountants, auditors, lawyers and corporate consultants are based in our office. Our working languages are English, German and Russian.
  • Experience: We have been supporting our clients in Russia since 2007.
  • Security, Responsibility, Reliability: When our clients conclude an accounting contract with us, we take the responsibility and the reliability for their books.
  • What does Quality in Russia cost: If the service is outsourced to RUFIL CONSULTING, you will save the costs of recruiting, wage and quality control.
  • Long-term Approach and Continuity: We believe in long term relationships with our employees, clients and suppliers.
  • Network: We are part of a competent network of international partner companies in Russia and we would be delighted to provide you with these contacts.

Our quality promise:

“All our investment and consulting projects are supported and controlled by a German Real Estate and Investment Agent Philipp Rowe (General Director of RUFIL CONSULTING). All workers that are involved in the process possess all required knowledge and have a strong command of either English or Russian. Don’t settle for less!“

Highly qualified accountants, auditors, finance experts (IFRS, US-GAAP, HGB, RAS), tax consultants, experts and programmers for automation, accounting software and IT solutions as well as international management consultants work in our Moscow office. Our working languages are English, Russian and German.

Who are we?

We are a German company and investor consultancy with our headquarters at Ulitsa Bolshaya Dmitrovka 23 in Moscow. With currently about 20 employees – most of them financial experts, tax consultants, accountants, real estate brokers and business consultants – we primarily support German and Russian investors in Russia, Germany and Montenegro. You can find out more about our company here: About us

Successful investing means recognizing when to wait and when to act. If for you the moment of action has come, then

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Get in contact with us by sending us an email or calling us. Alternatively, we would be happy to organize a video conference for you or welcome you in our head office in the center of Moscow or our contact offices in Berlin or Podgorica. This is the best way to get to know each other and discuss every upcoming question. We are very much looking forward to meeting you in person!

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Get in contact with us!

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