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As a foreign investor in Russia you are allowed to buy, found and own Russian companies. A foreign investor is allowed to hold up to 100% of a Russian company. Participation of Russian shareholders is not mandatory. The professional supervision of a company set-up in Russia starts with the advisory of which legal entity fits best for this business in Russia and covers the whole process of founding and registering the company.

Like in other countries, to be a complete and workable office or company, a legal address, a bank account, a Chief Executive Officer and a Chief Account Officer are needed. Regarding to the foundation of a company we offer this services as well.

The OOO is the most chosen legal entity in Russia

A limited liable company (Ltd or LLC) in Russia is called OOO. Those three Os stand for Obshchestvo s Ogranichennoy Otvetstvennostyu  (Общество с ограниченной ответственностью) which can be translated in to “company with limited liability”. The Russian OOO is chosen as legal entity in Russia the most of the times. For foreign investors and entrepreneurs this type of corporation is the most popular as well.

Regarding to the Russian law a general director is needed to register an OOO in Russia. If a non-Russian citizen wants to be set in charge as a general director, this person needs a working permit first, which only can be requested by the company itself. But the company can not be set up without having a general director. To solve this problem, we set in an Interim Manager in charge of a general director. Our lawyer in trust with Russian citizenship takes over the function of the general director officially until the working permit for the foreign Chief Executive Officer has been handed in.

Why it is that important to make sure that the setting-up of your company is in good hands?

The setting up of a company, representative office or a branch in Russia is similar to the one in the United Kingdom or the USA. However, there are a few differences that have to be kept in mind and one should look after them carefully, to ensure a successful market entry without any delays or even worse consequences. For example there is a working permit necessary for every foreign employee. If serious and severe mistakes have been made or important documents have been handed in too late, it can happen, that shareholders of an OOO are liable with their private capital as well. To hand over the process of founding a company to experienced lawyers can be much safer, and all in all cheaper as well.

Our clients of Company Set-up in Russia often ask us to perform the following services of our portfolio as well

10 reasons to work with RUFIL CONSULTING

  1. Quality: Our tax consultants and all other employees maintain a client-, service- and quality-oriented approach.
  2. Loyalty: Our loyalty is always to our clients.
  3. Transparency: We ensure that our clients always maintain an overview of their Russian business.
  4. German Work Ethic: The owners and directors of our company are German. In our work, we place great emphasis on German values.
  5. Highly qualified Staff: In our office work professional Russian tax consultant, accountants, auditors, lawyers and corporate consultants. Our working languages are English, German and Russian.
  6. Experience: We support our clients in Russia since 2007.
  7. Security, Responsibility, Reliability: When our clients conclude an accounting contract with us, we take the responsibility and the reliability for their books.
  8. What does Quality in Russia cost: If the Service is outsourced to RUFIL CONSULTING you will save the costs of recruiting, wage and quality control.
  9. Long-term Approach and Continuity: We believe in long-term relationships with our employees, clients and suppliers.
  10. Network: We are part of a competence network of international partner companies in Russia and we would be delighted to provide you these contacts.

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