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Accounting and taxes in Russia. The Russian accounting system is generally much more complex and labour-intensive compared to the likes of Germany, Austria, Western Europe or the US. But if you are able to tackle the accounting and taxes in Russia professionally and appropriately, if you have the proper staff, service providers and consultants, the Russian accounting and tax systems as well as the bureaucracy will not prevent you from being successful in Russia.

Do not be afraid of the Russian tax system. Do not be afraid of entering the Russian market. Better inform yourself and choose the right partner for your business in Russia. You will see, doing business in Russia can be attractive from a tax point of view as well.

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As a specialised service provider in the fields of accounting and taxes, we offer the following services and solutions to international and Russian companies in Russia.

Highly qualified accountants, auditors, IFRS-experts, tax consultants, experts and programmers for automatization, accounting software and IT-solutions as well as international management consultants work in our Moscow office. Our working languages are English, Russian and German.

The following short clip and the following links include further information about “Accounting in Russia” and “RUFIL CONSULTING”.

“Accounting & Taxes in Russia” brochure (33 pages)

“We support you in Russia!” the service brochure of Rufil Consulting (4 pages)

“Accounting Outsourcing in Russia” Price Check Questionnaire

This 3 minutes corporate movie will explain the vision of RUFIL CONSULTING and the customer benefit of accounting outsourcing.

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