Our Mission

RUFIL CONSULTING was founded in Moscow in 2007 in order to help international companies in Russia. Since then, in cooperation with our clients, we have worked a lot for the beautiful and the best. This makes us proud, happy and satisfied.

Since 2007, we have experienced many good and successful business years. But the general business climate has become cloudy in recent years. Once again, people in Russia are talking about a “crisis”.

Just like many of our long term customers as well as many German and international companies, we also experienced and got through several “crises” in Russia. And this time also – we strongly believe in this; long term thinking, courage towards thoughtful deeds and anti cyclical investment patterns will lead to success.


We, RUFIL CONSULTING, want to be the best international management consultancy in Moscow in relation to:

  • The quality of our solutions
  • The customer satisfaction
  • The satisfaction of our employees

How do we measure this? What do we do every day to achieve this aim?

Our employees and managerial staff would be delighted to explain everything in a meeting, video conference or telephone conversation. Maybe we will soon do business together and celebrate joint success in future. We are looking forward to meeting you!